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            SUGEN Initiates Phase II Trial in
            Ovarian Cancer with SU101

            Redwood City, CA, July 14, 1998 -- SUGEN today
            announced the initiation of a Phase II trial with
            SU101 in ovarian cancer, complementing existing
            SU101 trials in brain (Phase III and Phase II) and
            prostate cancer (Phase II). Ovarian cancer affects an
            estimated 63,000 women and is the fifth most
            common cancer among women in the United States. 

            The multicenter Phase II trial will enroll 30 patients
            with recurrent ovarian cancer who have failed
            standard therapy. Initial recruitment will take place
            at the Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center in
            Miami Beach and New York University Medical
            Center, with at least two additional sites to be
            initiated shortly. The study's primary objective is to
            assess the efficacy of SU101 based on objective
            response and stabilization of disease. Secondary
            objectives include assessment of time-to-disease
            progression, effect on CA 125 levels (an ovarian
            cancer tumor marker) and safety. 

            Separately, SUGEN disclosed that it has closed
            recruitment in the Phase II study of SU101 in
            prostate cancer. The trial has enrolled 45 patients
            with hormone refractory prostate cancer from five
            participating trial sites. Preliminary results from this
            study are expected to become available later this

            SU101 is a small molecule inhibitor that blocks the
            signaling of the platelet-derived growth factor
            (PDGF) receptor. The PDGF receptor is believed to
            be the driving oncogene in subsets of brain, prostate,
            ovarian and non-small cell lung tumors. In addition
            to these trials, SU101 is being studied in a Phase III
            trial for first-relapse glioblastoma, an aggressive
            brain tumor, and in a Phase II combination trial of
            SU101 and BCNU for newly diagnosed
            glioblastoma patients. For further trial information,
            please visit SUGEN's web site at www.sugen.com. 

            SUGEN, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company
            focused on the discovery and development of small
            molecule drugs which target specific cellular signal
            transduction pathways. These signaling pathways
            are regulated by cell surface receptors or
            intracellular signaling molecules known as tyrosine
            kinases (TKs), serine-threonine kinases (STKs) and
            tyrosine phosphatases (TPs). TKs, STKs and TPs
            are three of the largest known families of enzymes in
            the body and are key regulators of critical cellular
            functions. Aberrant signaling of TKs, STKs and TPs
            has been shown to result in a variety of chronic and
            acute pathological diseases, including cancer and
            diabetes as well as dermatologic, ophthalmic,
            neurologic and immune disorders. In addition to
            SU101, SUGEN currently has two other products in
            clinical trials: SU5416 (a Flk-1/KDR angiogenesis
            inhibitor) in multiple Phase I trials for the treatment
            of solid tumor cancers and Phase I/II for Kaposi's
            sarcoma; and SU5271 (an EGF receptor inhibitor) in
            Phase I for the treatment of psoriasis. The Company
            has research and development collaborations with
            Zeneca, ASTA Medica and Allergan. 

            This press release contains, in addition to historical
            information, forward-looking statements that involve
            risks and uncertainties. The Company's actual
            results, including the further development of SU101,
            could differ significantly from the results discussed
            in the forward-looking statements. Factors that could
            cause or contribute to such differences include the
            factors more fully discussed in the Company's 1997
            Form 10-K, and most recent Form 10-Q and Form
            S-3. The Company undertakes no obligation to
            release the results of any revision to these
            forward-looking statements which may be made to
            reflect events or circumstances occurring after the
            date hereof or to reflect the occurrence of
            unanticipated events. 

            Additional written materials and press releases
            regarding SUGEN are available through the SUGEN
            Fax-On-Demand Information Service by dialing
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