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Re: [MOL] constipation from chemo???????

Dear Jo,
I am sure you will hear from others online, but I know that I definitely
experienced constipation and diahrea from the chemo I had 4 years ago --
it can really play havoc with your system in many respects. You might
suggest that Donnie mention this to his oncologist, who will likely have
some suggestions to help ease his condition. Good luck! Your friend,

Krzyjo2863@AOL.COM wrote:
> hi everybody      my brother-in-law (donnie)---lives with me---dx nsclc 6-99
> w/mets to brain(surg 2-99) and bones (at first no primary till 6-99 when
> found in lung)  has had 3 chemo treatments---last one 6-24   has been
> constipated untill today  now has diahrea      could this be from chemo???
> any info would be helpfull
> thanks
> jo
> p.s.  i have only been learning about this since 2-99 so i am fairly new to
> this  also kinda worried       thanks    jo
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