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[MOL] Chris re: prayer

Well said, Debby! Amen, Amen. 

Chris, one of the joys of this group is that everyone shares what is
special or important to them. We don't have to all be alike to
appreciate what gives others strength and comfort. Like Debby says, any
one who doesn't like something can always hit the delete button. We
don't all always agree about medical stuff for that matter, but even if
one person benefits from a post, I think it's worthwhile. So I wouldn't
be concerned! Love, Joicy

deb grodin wrote:
> Dear Chris,
> I am only speaking for myself. My views on religion are different from
> most peoples. I feel that it is very personal and keep it in my heart. I
> try not to pray in public, nor would I ever post a prayer. But that is
> my decision and mine alone. The fact that many people post paryers,
> write God Bless etc. doesn't bother me in the least. No one on this list
> has ever tried to push any religion on anyone in the short time I have
> been on. When I start to read a post and realize that I don't care for
> where it is going I hit delete. Thought that was what the button was
> made for. You go to Church, I go to Shul, the next person stays home,
> but we all get along in peace and harmony. Believe it is call tolerance.
> Debby
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