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[MOL] new cancer drug

Thought this looked encouraging...love, Joicy


UCLA doctors move forward on testing new cancer drug
    [06/28/99; Cable News Network]

(WebMD)  -- At the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center, one drug is giving
doctors and patients alike hope that life and cancer can coexist.

A drug called SU5416 is just one compound in a class of drugs
known as angiogenesis inhibitors -- drugs that stop the growth
of blood vessels to tumors. After completing Phase I testing
of SU5416, doctors are ready to administer the drug to more patients.

Results so far 

At the helm of the UCLA study is Dr. Lee Rosen, director of the
Cancer Therapy Development Program. One of the most powerful
observations Rosen has made so far was in a patient with Kaposi's
sarcoma, a tumor common in people with AIDS. In this case, the
subject was suffering from lesions so full of fluid that one
of his legs grew to three times larger than its normal size.

When doctors began administering SU5416, they saw some phenomenal
results. "A lot of the side effects and terrible manifestations
of his tumor just went right away," said Rosen. "All that fluid
leakage went away, and the lesions themselves kind of flattened
out. . . . It was a pretty remarkable thing." 

Like this patient, everyone who participated in UCLA's Phase I
study was in an advanced stage of cancer. In some patients, tumor
growth slowed down and the cancer stabilized -- all without the
side effects associated with chemotherapy, like hair loss and
nausea. However, there were a number of patients in whom tumor
growth could not be contained. 

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