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[MOL] Debby

Hi Debby,
I know what you mean, it's about what a house payment used to be.  LOL
Love ya,
Mom (Nanc) ():-)

In a message dated 6/28/99 11:23:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time, debg@home.com 


<< Dear Mom,
 Golly and I remember the days when tv was black and white, had thirteen
 channel but only six worked, you had to change them by getting up and
 using your hand, there was no call waiting, caller Id, etc. When I add
 up how much technology is costing me I want to scream.
 Phone lines here run about $20. per month as does AOL. Everyone wants a
 dish here. I gave them a real pretty one from my Grams china and they
 gave it back to me. LOL
 Debby >>
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