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[MOL] Time To Get WEll

Good Morning My Friends,

My Barb as you know has had 44 treatments of various chemotherapy's over
the past close to five years. She has had 10 transfusions of red cells
and platelets. She receives double doses of neuopogen (white blood
booster) and now a double dose of Epogen (red blood booster) as  a
result of so many treatments. The reason being when the more
chemotherapy is administered over a period of time, not only does one
incur side effects such as hearing loss and neuropathy from the platin
family, but the bone marrow which produces the cells, red, white and
platelets, tends to respond less and less with each treatment. So, aside
from this negative information, there has and is a positive side.

Over the past week or so, I have read and reread about 1,000 previous
posts from various cancer discussion forum and I find it interesting
that there is a pattern to these messages that inform us that there are
some treatments, that have been and maybe continue to be successful form
various arenas of wellness. I have broken them as thus and hope you will
respond to my thoughts as I believe we may all benefit from what I am
thinking about and writing here:

First, I have read many clinical therapies about definitive treatments
such as:

Immunocomp vaccine therapy
Hydrazine Sulphate

Now in Barbs case there has to be a beginning to a plan B where we need
to be ready to begin sessions of some form of therapy other than
chemotherapy which may no longer be an option. To do that I am going to
research into these forms of therapy more diligently over the next few
weeks and I will report back to you my findings and of course you are
welcome to help along in this procedure as it may benefit each or all of
you as well.

Second, the next phase of wellness is looking at an entire holistic
approach to wellness say as the  following clinics administer:

Gerson Institute
Livingston Foundation
Oasis, Dr. Contreras
Immuno Augmentative Therapy (IAT)
Health Quarters
Dr. Walter Crinnion

What these clinics focus on is a holistic and naturalpathic approach to
stimulating and revitalizing the immune system after chemotherapy. Now
we have attended the Livingston Foundation and found that to be very
successful for about 18 months. We believe its time to move on or at
least consider others that approach the revitalization of the immune
system more aggressively or progressively. As times and research
changes, so does the therapies any medical or alternative clinic
administers.  So, again over the next few weeks I will be consulting
with many of the above as well and report back to you. there are web
sites for all the therapies I have mentioned above whether the holistic
clinics or  the individual therapies.

Now the third approach to wellness is: There are many pills on the
market that suggest that it may help in cure or control of c..... cells,
such as SPES and MGN3  both of which have been advertised either on
Dateline or CNBC. And there are many others, of course we have to be
careful and diligently research for our own concern and needs. I have
received many many leads recently and in the very recent past where 
there are many individuals who perform clinics on "healing touch" or Tai
Chi or have remedies or psychological treatments for healing and I am in
the process of calling and following every lead. NO stone will be
unturned, no door closed. 

I truly believe if we look at all three approaches as well as our own
daily routine of spirituality, meditation and guided imagery, good
nutrition, exercise, support, love, purpose for living that there is a
cure or buying time, without the benefit of chemotherapy or conventional
treatment until cure comes along and I believe it will be coming over
the next couple of years. For your information I read and heard
yesterday and in fact a few times that when every "gene" is indentified
that there undoubtedly will be cure and that goal is set for the year
2002 or before, God willing.

Now, I am not only posting this message as a thought, but I welcome each
and every one of you who has been touched by this disease to provide
your thoughts and ideas and maybe even suggestions on other therapies
and clinics that I haven't mentioned and I will explore each and all
very carefully. Now, I also believe what may work for one, may not work
for another. I also believe that time is on our side and that we take
one step, one day at a time. But, somewhere, out there, is a cure or
healing for my Barb as it is for you, and we will never give up until
that is accomplished. I am tired, and I know Barb is, of having
treatments, which  by the way have helped her, but yet has caused much
in the way of side effects and continuing concerns. So its a bittersweet
message that conventional treatment helps some and yet is also brings
severed side effects to some. So, my friends, thank you for listening to
me. I hope in some way this message is beneficial and suggests that it
is time to place our direction to the messages that has come across our
computer and they are all very positive indeed. I believe there is a
therapy or program out there, along with our daily routine of wellness,
that will provide complete wellness, for my Barb, for you. Pls do
comment and suggest other things that might be of interest.

May I also add, that we must not forget, that any therapy we take for
ourselves probably and most possibly  be with the very determined and
dedicated position that our attitude and belief in healing is affirmed.
In otherwords, when we have listened to our inner wisdom and made the
diligent research and decided whatever we ingest in our bodies to help
heal comes with our ability and capability that with Gods grace and
blessings and our most positive attitude......it will heal. Just my
final thought.

God Bless You,
marty auslander
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