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[MOL] Milestone Marked in Finding Hodgkin's Disease Treatment

Good Morning All,

This may mean great news for those with Hodgkins Disease.

Milestone Marked in Finding Hodgkin's Disease Treatment

OTTAWA (June 21) XINHUA - Canadian scientists have discovered what
sparks the growth of deadly cancer cells in Hodgkin's disease.

The Canadian Press reported Monday that the findings marked a milestone
in the battle against the cancer.

The research, by Dr. Tak Mak and his team at Toronto's Princess Margaret
Hospital, paves the way to stop the growth of Hodgkin's tumour and sets
the stage for clinical trials on people, the report said.

Mak was quoted as asserting:"If this treatment works, there should be
almost completely no side effects."

According to the findings, to be published Monday in the Journal of
Experimental Medicine, a factor called Interleukin-13 or IL-13 fuels the
growth of more cancer cells in a process of self-proliferation.

By depriving the cancerous cells termed as Reed-Sternberg cells of IL-13
in test tubes, the researchers found that cancerous cells did not grow.

God Bless All,
marty auslander
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