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Re: [MOL] Jeanne/Gwen from Nanc

Hi Debby,
Thanks, I have to keep my Mothers phone line in here and that is what I use 
most of the time, so I guess it would cost me more.  I have just the mim. 
service on hers, so it runs about 20 a month, then AOL is $14.95 until March 
of 2000, then it will go up to $19.95.  We have a huge and a very little dish 
out back and only use the little one.  We also have a cable line in here that 
we used to have cable on our TV with, but cancelled when they went up so 
high, but now the Dish and Cable are about the same price.  Might do 
something different next year.
Love ya,
Mom (Nanc) ():-)

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 Dear Nanc,
 We just called Comcast At Home. They installed it for which they charged
 I think $80.00. They ran another cable line around the house, put a hole
 in the wall and ran it in. As far as the dish goes all I know is that my
 son thinks we should get one, along with a 52" tv, fridge for his room,
 stereo for his room, slide for pool, get the point. Yes I am getting
 stressed and school is only out for two days. One starts camp today, one
 next week. I'm off to work!!!!!
 > Hi you two,
 > So where does the cable come from and how do you contact whoever to get it?
 > Do you know if you can hook up to the little satellite dish?
 > Love ya,
 > Nanc ():-)
 > In a message dated 6/27/99 11:45:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
 > writes:
 > << Yes, same type of cable, not sorry to say, does not include the cost of
 >  the TV. Love, Jeanne >>
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