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Re: [MOL] purrfect day For Gwen

Thank you for the beautiful purrrrfect card. I really enjoyed. Also, thanks
for putting Bob and I in the anniversary and birthday lists.  It is a
beautiful day today, so I am going to try to enjoy.. going to pick up a
couple of my grandkids this am and spend some time.  Then this evening,
whole family coming for dinner and our Pastor is going to stop by at 7:00
for family prayer before surgery tomorrow.  Will also ask him to pray for
Molers.  Each and everyone for special blessings in your lives!

I am really enjoying the posts on healthy eating and living.  I really need
to learn a lot on that.  I know my lifestyle is not the healthiest.  Not
enough exercise (sporadic - sp?), and too much sugar, and too much meat!
And shamefully, I tell you, I do smoke (cigarettes).  You say, How can you
do that?  I say, Why do I do that?  Anyway, I have a lot to change.   And a
lot of you seem to have it together so well!  How do you do that?  I need to
do that!  LOL.

Love, Gwen K.-----

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