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[MOL] Cori - CT update

Hello Cori!
I am thrilled and delighted to hear your good news!!!!!!  I was afraid with the 300+ emails I went through that I had missed something on your results!  How very wonderful! You deserve some good news re. your treatments... you've been through some tough times and I couldn't be happier at your progress.
The garden is producing LOTS of squash already.  (Like some?)  Bambi & co. have eliminated most of the beans & peas, but still have hope for some.  Corn is about 4ft. tall and is beautiful, and the watermelons have started taking off too.  I've got a special organic treat for Bambi's next visit to munch -- Hot Pepper Wax.  It's a spray you put right on the plants made of Capiacin - the hottest stuff in a pepper.  Should change their mind about further grazing...
The survey is done on our property and we should break ground to clear our future homesite in the next 2 wks. if the rain will allow.  Slowly but surely, we'll get there...
Much Love,