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[MOL] Chris

Hi Chris
I'm so sorry to read all that's happening with your dad and Virginia.  I pray 
that he finds it in his heart to turn his attitude around.  He has so much to 
be thankful for.....first starting with having you as a wonderful, caring, 
loving, dedicated and most of all delicious daughter.  Hang in there 

As for you asking about my son. Well he is really happy about having a 
sibling. The only problem is every time someone asks him what he wants a 
sister or brother he says "BOTH and that's the way I want it". So we laugh at 
it. He wants twins.
I still feel sick, vomitting is awful but worth it as long as it's healthy.
Names haven't even been talked about yet. We still  have 6 months to 
go....yikes did I read that right 6 months.LOL

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