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Hi PJ,
My father's CT scan came out CLEAN, but no word yet on the brain scan.  Dr on 
vaca so we won't get any word till July 6th when she returns.  His moods are 
still up/down from day-to-day and minute-to-minute, but I know his mind is 
clear!  He corrects every little mistake anyone makes now, even our choice of 
an incorrect word.  I mentioned that my aunt fainted the other day and he 
said, "...she did not faint; she got dizzy.  Fainting is when a person loses 
consciousness."  And other things; he caught several errors on his and 
Virginia's prescriptions too.  

Virginia is having alot of discomfort since her heart surgery, though she too 
is doing well medically.  It's beginning to look like some of her symptoms 
may be imaginary, or at least blown out of proportion.  It's gotten to the 
point that I dread asking how she is because she always responds with an 
emphatic, "Oh, awful!..." and then follows with a 5-minute complaint!  Don't 
get me wrong; I love her and I do sympathize but she is going to have to make 
some adjustments in her attitude or it will take much longer for her 
recovery.  Meanwhile, my father is climbing the walls because he has no 
escape from it.

So there, now I've complained as much as Virginia has myself!  But it's one 
of the reasons I haven't been writing much lately.  It gets me pretty blue 
and then I don't much feel like writing.  Some other things in my family were 
going on too; a custody and PFA case for my cousin, another relative dx w/ 
cancer this morning....

SO!  It's so NICE to hear a new baby is coming into the world!  What names 
have you picked?  How does your little one feel about a new sibling?

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