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Hi Everyone.  We are home safe and sound including baby to be.  We arrived 
home last nite at 1l:00p.m. and I didnít get to bed until 2:00a.m. Then we 
had to be at my sonís camp orientation at 10:00 a.m.  So needless to say Iím 
pooped.  Monday he will starting camp full days.  Iím going to go crazy with 
freedom while he is gone, but Iím sure Iíll find plenty to do.

We had a nice visit with mom. Mom had some good and bad days. She is 
suffering horribly with sciactica. The tumor/mass is pressing on her 
sciactica nerve and she now uses a cane. 

Sheís encountering  some problems with her rectum and vagina. It seems she 
has some sort of infection that her rectum and vagina seem to be 
miscommunicating with each other.  She did receive her cat scan while I was 
there and the tumor/mass is still there and hasnít moved THANK YOU GOD. She 
has developed gall stones but they arenít bothering her at all.  Her blood 
tests are all PERFECT.  We donít know how her CEA count is yet, we should 
know in a few weeks. She still hasnít received chemo for 6 weeks now because 
she had some infections to fight and also the Oncologist wanted to give mom a 
break.  Mom did gain 4 pounds which she needed really bad.   As long as she 
gains weight her doctors are really happy.

Mom says if it wasnít for the sciactica bothering her she feels good.  I took 
her for acupuncture and he gave her a massage also.  Mom is still drinking 
the herbs.  The herbs did cure 2 infections she had THANK GOD for that also.  
Mom is having a barium enema on Monday because she has a fistula on the tumor 
which is giving her infections alsoÖ.her urine is dark brown and they want to 
see if there is a fistula there. The cat scan isnít able to see the fistula.

The only bad part of the trip was RAIN. It rained everyday we were there. My 
son didnít really get to do much we just played in the house a lot.

I had and still have a lot of morning sickness.  Iím also very very tired all 
the time.  I didnít have either of those while pregnant with my son.  But I 
did have 2 dreams while in Florida that I was having a boy.
We shall see next year what the Good Lord has in store for us.

I look forward to hearing from each of you.  

Iím grateful to Aunt Nanc for keeping me informed on the telephone with all 
the that went on.   You are a true angel and I love you for thinking of me 
and calling me.  I really hold you close to heart.

Iím so so so sad at Patrickís passing. It really affected me awful because we 
got a chance to meet and HUG. I will remember his smile and heart forever.  
Nisi my thoughts and prayers are with and your boys.  Iím here for you 

Also Miss Kathy Corrigan Iím hope you are doing well. Nanc called me and told 
me about you.  I lost your address and Iím holding on to your card. I would 
love to have you r address again so I can send you some love.

My dear Cori how I loved hearing your voice. You lifted our day up so much.  
I couldnít stop talking about you.  (Iím still going ga ga over speaking with 
you).   I hope you have good news for me.

I missed you all and pray that you and your loved ones are feeling strong.

143 (CORI thatís for you, we hung up to fast for me to return your 143)
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