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[MOL] About Kathy Corrigan

Hi All,
I wanted to let you know that I called Kathy this morning to see how 
she is doing and she sounds great. She says she is healing well and 
getting her strength back as long as she doesn't overdo and gets her 

One bit of good news, she said the doctors checked her out while they 
had her open and there was no sign of cancer in her chest. So even 
though bypass surgery was not anything she had expected or wanted, 
some additional good did come out of it. She is a real survivor.

By the way Marty, she said she had wanted to talk to you before this 
happened and the reason was she wanted to know what you thought might 
be happening with these chest pains she was feeling. She said, now 
she knows.

By the way Susanne, My doctor did say that taking vitamin E 
supplements should help with the hot flashes. Have you tried that?

Gotta go
Love to you all,
Liz Patterson
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