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[MOL] To all friends on my lists...

Haven't been posting much and honestly, have been trying to kind of skim msgs 
to get a feel for all that's going on, but missing some.

Things are kind of crazy here just now.  My stepmother is having alot of pain 
and depression since her heart surgery and is continually complaining which 
is very disturbing to my father.  He also is constantly angry.  So it's a job 
just keeping up with that.

Last night I learned that my one of my father's younger sisters (there are 9 
in total) who had gone to the ER for a dizzy spell that caused her to fall 
and get stitches has now been dx with "spots" on her lungs, spine, and one 
other place (not sure where). This makes 1 aunt that died at 21, another who 
had breast cancer in her 40s but is still kicking up her heels at late 70s, 
another who had cancer last year and is so well no one would ever guess, an 
uncle that died last year, and my father who has cancer.  In addition, a 
cousin died at 23 from lieukemia, and my grandfather of lung cancer at 72.  
ALL PATERNAL BLOOD RELATIVES.  My last remaining relative on my mother's 
side, my Aunt Ruth is still struggling to deal with 2 massive strokes after 
her heart bypass surgery.  All my aunts and uncles are getting up in age now, 
ranging from 81 down to mid 50s.  The 3 youngest are more like sisters than 
aunts though as I myself am already at the nearing 50 mark.

I am fighting a weird cold/allergy thing myself.  Had to get amoxycillin for 
a resulting ear infection, but it's not doing much.  My ears are still 
clogged and I still have lots of congestion, upper and lower respiratory.  No 
fever thank God, but it's an energy-drain none the less.

You are all in my heart and my prayers for help and healing.  Though I don't 
write often and can't read all the postings, I am trying to at least get the 
gist of it all.

God bless,
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