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Re: [MOL] Deb and all

Gwen, it's not surprising that your docs aren't familiar with the tapes;
mine weren't either, and looked at me weird, LOL! (The one who was most
interested and open was my plastic surgeon, who confessed later to me
that he prays for all his patients...but that's another story...) But we
all know that most of our docs are a little behind on some of these
kinds of things, right?

I just insisted I wanted them, set my tape recorder up when I got to the
hospital, put my headphones on, and started listening to the pre-op tape
while I was waiting to be rolled in for the surgery, removing the
headset only long enough to answer questions and to tell the
anestheisologist to put in the "post-op" tape for me at the end of
surgery. Also to give me my three messages -- "no pain, quick healing,
no side-effects from anesthesia." I put in the 2nd "intra-op" tape
myself as they rolled me into the actual surgery. So they really have
little to do with it, and no legitimate reason to deny you.

Glad you're feeling comfortable with your decision, dear heart, and
don't be afraid to insist on what you need. They really make a
difference. Love, Joicy

Gwen wrote:

Joicy, I mentioned these tapes to my drs. and it doesn't sound like they
familiar, but I asked that at least they say some very positive things
I am down under...  I am going to order the tapes anyway, though. At
to get them in time for recovery period.
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