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Re: Re: [MOL] Progression of breast cancer: TO CORI

Dear Roberta:
   I'm new to this forum but I thought I'd put my two cents in. As a medical 
writer, I would venture to say that more than any other group of cancers, 
some amazing breakthroughs are happening in breast cancer. A lot of attention 
is focused here.   Yes the earlier the better, but better late than never.  
My friend's sister originally got a lumpectomy from the renowned Dr. Susan 
Love, author of The Breast Book, who moved from Harvard to Los Angeles some 
years ago.  Five years later my friend's sister's cancer returned and had 
metasticized to her lungs I believe.  She underwent additional treatment and 
then had one of the earliest cases of stem cell transplant at Mass General in 
Boston. She was 47 at the time. Three years later she's doing fine and has a 
very good quality of life.  Her tumors have been saved and they are 
experimenting on them with new drugs so that if and when she gets a 
recurrence, they can still fight it.
    I'm telling you all this because you can help yourself enormously by 
learning all you can and acting.  A biopsy is nothing but a diagnostic tool.  
It will tell you the type of cancer you have and the stage so that you can 
develop a treatment plan.  Like the others who've written, I urge you to act 
    My best wishes for a happy outcome.  Bess
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