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[MOL] Gwen from Nanc

Hi Gwen,
Before and after sounds great.  Thank you for your compliment on the Album.
Do you have an Anniversary date?
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
I think we all have already started praying for you my dear, God Bless.
Now relax.  Easier said then done huh?  LOL  Do it anyway.

In a message dated 6/25/99 11:55:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time, gwen@donet.com 

<< I took time out tonite to look at the MOL photo album.  It is very nice to
 see the faces of friends. That is really an understatement.  It is touching
 to see the faces of people we have become attached to. You all did a
 wonderful job on it.  I also looked at the Upcoming surgery page, that is
 beautiful. Somehow though, I must have conveyed the wrong date, it is
 Tuesday, June 29, not the 28th.  Thank you so much for putting me in there!
 I will take prayers the 28th and the 29th, if that's okay!?  I thought I
 emailed before, but now I can't remember to who -(a male)  with my birthday
 (and Hubby's)  Mine is 8-9-1950 and hubby Bob's is 4-22-1947.  I love the
 album and hope to  find a picture of myself to send in.  Maybe I will send a
 "before and after" . Ha.  Love, Gwen K. >>
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