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[MOL] Roberta from Nanc

Hi Roberta,
Golly, never feel like we are angry with you my dear, we just don't look at 
numbers, we fight to win.  We support each other and the power of prayer is 
powerful, and can do wonders.  You have come to a very loving, caring, giving 
support group, we won't let you down and we'll be here for you when ever you 
need us.  My hubby is in remission from SCLC and he fell into the 5 % that no 
one thought that he would because of his other health problems, but he did.  
He was Dx'd march of 1998, went through chemo and radiation and is doing 
good, and you can too.  Believe in yourself, your Doctor and God and the 
battle is almost won, this is your journey and you have to take hold, make 
your own choices and stay possitive, don't let anyone ever tell you nothing 
more can be done, just go somewhere else.  Always get copies of your tests 
and lab work, you can't stay in control if you don't know what is happening 
and ask questions even if they seem stupid to you, ask untill you understand. 
 We are always here for you, God Bless.
Love, hugs & prayers to you and yours,
Nanc ():-)
Get with it and get your treatments, surgery or whatever going, don't just 
think it will go away, you have to make it go away.  God helps those who 
helps themselves.  So get helping yourself, OK?

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 Denise, thank you for that.  I feel better, knowing that you (and they) 
 understand.  It's just all so overwhelming; and I felt as though everyone at 
 the forum was angry about my question.  Thank you for letting me know.  I'll 
 write again.
 Roberta >>
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