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Hi Debby,
I have a house keeper come in once a week for three hours a day, she dusts 
and vacuums all but our room and the laundry room.  That is a big help, and 
keeps me motivated.
I watch the weather when our clothes hamper is close to having a load to do, 
I do it and hang it out.
I have this routine;
After supper I clean the kitchen, and then set the table for Mother for 
breakfast, and put out the pills for her, Don and me.
All that all that is left to do is take my shower and play on the PC for 
awhile, then to bed.
In the morning, get up let the Dog out, go pottie, feed the Dog, go make the 
beds, back to the bathroom and wash up brush teeth and hair, get dressed, 
eat, water outdoor plants, come back in and load dishwasher, then I decide 
what to do for the day, if it is to hot I work inside.
Never is there a mess left in the kitchen, everything has a place and if it 
is used, it goes back where it was found, or in the sink for me to put in 
ther dishwasher, if it is dirty clothes they are put in the hamper right 
away, wet towels hang over the shower doors, when dry they are put in the 
You all know when you live in a house there are always messes made,  make a 
sandwich, you leave bread crumbs and a dirty knife, so you wash off the 
counter and rinse off the knife and put in the dishwasher or sink.
When you brush your teeth you wipe out the sink and if need be wipe off the 
counter, now I don't have kids to clean up after, but do have Don and Mom 
that leave a mess for me to clean, so I do bathroom checks and kitchen checks 
and clean up messes right away.
When we eat a meal, we all take our dishes to the sink, food to the counter 
by the fridge, the chairs go back to the table like they belong, I do the 
When you keep up with all of these things it will give you extra time for 
lawn work, painting, taking care of a garder or flowers, power wash the 
house, etc.
My kids and grand kids follow these rules except the two little ones, but 
they are being trained.
I never have clutter, clothes are in the closet, dressers, hamper or in the 
washer or on the line.  Nothing is under my beds, dressers only have on them 
what belongs there, never clutter.
Dirty dishes go right in the dishwasher after a meal, mine is run right after 
supper and put away before I go to bed.  My kitchen counters only have on 
them what belongs there, and are always clean and ready to prepare meals, 
snacks or whatever.
If anything is spilt on the floors, it is cleaned up right away.  The Carpets 
get cleaned at least every three months, they don't look like they need it to 
other people but I know they are dirty so they get cleaned, the carpet will 
last longer too.
If you just keep everything picked up and put away, right away it is a snap 
to keep the house clean.
I hardly ever watch TV, to me it is a waste of time.  I like the PC, cause 
you can learn so much, and keep in touch with so many.
Last Wed. I went and cleaned my daughters bedroom and bathroom, dusted her 
living room and cleaned her kitchen, it wasn't bad, she just got hurt trying 
to keep her daughter from getting kicked by a horse, and put her back out.
I am so busy all the time cause I do repairs that men usually do.  I do have 
time to play, and could go on vacations too.
Now all you have to do is find a place for everything and keep it there.
Have fun,,,LOL  Now Debby don't you be telling me stories, never know when I 
may come for a visit.  LOL
Loc ya,
Mom (Nanc) ():-)

In a message dated 6/25/99 3:13:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, debg@home.com 

<< Dear Jeanne,
 I am not sure why I can't clean very often, but I can't. Maybe more
 mental than physical!!! Maybe I am just a JAP at heart, or maybe I
 really do like dust and clutter!!!
 The boys had fun, after an hour or so I had a hard time keeping up with
 them. They went on all their favorite rides and then decided to leave. I
 think my older one noticed how tired I am. Still missing a large chunk
 of energy. In about an hour I will take them out to the pool so they can
 swim and I can fall asleep under my tree. My tree is actually a palm
 tree float. It's really neat. 
 I think that Nanc should give us each a list of chores to do on a daily
 basis. Only problem is that I would say I did them even if I didn't!!!
 Have a good one
 Debby >>
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