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Re: [MOL] Hi Everybody

Hi Debby,
I've been out to garage sales for the past three days, bought the paint for 
the ceilings today, but won't get started until Monday, cause tomorrow, I 
have to pick up one granddaughter from camp and take her about 40 minutes 
frim her to where her sister will be showing her horse, and Sunday Don and I 
are going to his daughters about an hour away, she asked me to put up a 
ceiling fan in her kitchen for her and put a booth table set together for 
her, I'll make Sloppy Joes to take up with us, her brother will be there to 
help put up the siding on her house, she is divorced for years and just 
started dating about a year ago.  So I won't be on to much over the week-end. 
 So sorry to hear about your Duck.
Love ya,
Mom (Nanc) ():-)

In a message dated 6/25/99 8:23:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 

<< Dear Mom, 
 Yes, I did get a lot done and felt good about it. But enough is enough,
 I quit. Will make the bed, put dishes in dishwasher and then boys and I
 are off to Six Flags Great Adventure for the day. Need to entertain them
 since school is out and  no camp yet.
 Did try running last night, actually jogging and even with the steel and
 whale bones couldn't do it. Will try again next month.
 My little ducky did not make it. Went to feed him his worms last night
 and he wasn't breathing. Boys dug a bit, got a shoe box.... you know the
 Have a good day,
 Debby >>
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