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Re: [MOL] Progression of breast cancer: TO LIZ

Hi, Liz.  
 Thanks for your message.  I will give some more thought to the form of 
treatment that you suggest.  It does seem to be working for so many people at 
this forum.  My second biggest problem (money, indeed, being the first) with 
it is the fact that I've heard SO much concerning the benefits of EARLY 
detection and treatment as opposed to the negative consequences of getting 
started too late.  It used to be said, and I don't know if this is still 
true, that one should receive a mammogram regularly because one's chances of 
survival are so much better as a result of that early detection.  By the time 
one can feel a lump, the results of treatment are less favorable.  Well, what 
does that say with regards to waiting until the lump has grown into something 
far more ominous?  What's your opinion, Liz?
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