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[MOL] multiple myloma cancer

My dad has had multiple myloma for a little over a year.  He has been on
chemotherapy and is almost to the remission point.  He has been at that
point for almost 6 months and gets real down and out every time he as to go
back to the doctor and finds out that he has to come back yet again for more
chemo.  I have had a very hard time dealing with the fact that he has this
incurrable illness.  He has always been so active and well, now he is so
quiet and down all the time.  I just don't know what to do.  We don't sit
down and talk about it as a family and we never have.  I have so many
feeling bottled up inside me and I have no one to share them with.  I am
very scared.  I never imagined my life without my parents and now that my
dad is sick, all I seem to do is think about what's going to happen when he
leaves us!  The doctor told us the life expectancy of 3-5 years and it
scares me to think that he could be gone that soon.  I guess I'm not ready
to accept it.  I wish my family and I could go to a support group or
something like that, but when I wanted to do it, no one seemed to have the
time.  I am hurting so bad for my dad and I am also scared to loose him.  He
has always been there when I've needed him.  

I do have one question to ask regarding this cancer.  He used to laugh alot
and smile and be very energetic.  Now he is extremely moody and is always
picking fights with everyone.  Is that normal or is it the medicine?  How do
I help him and my mom to deal with it?

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and let me just vent for a
few minuets.  Like I said, I don't really feel I have anyone to talk to
about this and I really need to talk just to get the feelings that are
bottled up inside me out.

Once again, Thank You for your time.

Angie Peavy

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