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Re: [MOL] Progression of breast cancer: TO LILLIAN

Dear Lillian,
  Thanks so much for your reply.  You all sound so nice and caring and 
interested.  It feels good to be able to, at least, talk about it (my husband 
is in denial, I think).
  Anyway, as far as your question regarding the type and stage of the cancer: 
 It's very difficult for me to answer that without getting graphic, but I'll 
try.  From everything that I've read, and pictures that I've looked through, 
this particular kind seems to be very distinct looking.  I believe that you 
can't mistake it for anything else.  It isn't the type of cancer (truly, only 
the doctor can tell the type) so much as the resulting disfigurement.  As I 
said, I don't want to get graphic, but it's very distinguishable.  It's not 
simply a lump (it WAS, but I ignored it ) or a cyst...most of the breast is 
involved.  As far as my guess as to which stage I'm at:  I'm guessing at 
least Stage II because I now have a lump under the adjoining arm.  I may be 
wrong.  It's only a guess.
  You are right that the fear of chemotherapy has kept me from it.  As I said 
in my response to Cori's message, I'd prefer to try other methods than the 
conventional.   I was told, and I've read, that this particular cancer (or 
it's special path within the breast) is relatively rare and that it is 
especially aggressive and resistant to treatment anyway.  So, why not just 
opt for the unconventional?  Who knows?  
  I will check out the URLS that you sent for the photo albums.  :)
  Thanks, Lillian, very much.
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