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Re: [MOL] Progression of breast cancer: TO CORI

Dear Cori,
  Thanks for responding.  I do appreciate the time and thought that you put 
into your message.
  I'm sorry that you got the impression that I'd given up.  I haven't.  I'm 
just not as brave as you all seem to be, and have opted to NOT seek surgery, 
or chemotherapy, or any other conventional means of fighting this.  
  I know that this sounds silly, but initially, I tried to "will" it away.  
By the time I realized that wasn't working, it had progressed to the point 
where I now feel it's too late to try the above methods.  Besides, from what 
I understand, the particular type that I have is rare.  It's especially 
aggressive and does not respond to treatment.  So, I'm sort of between a rock 
and a hard place!  :)
  I believe in God and am trusting Him, either way, but I'm certainly not 
giving up just yet.  
  So, if you know of any promising alternative medicine, please let me know.  
Also, I really WOULD like to have some sort of time frame, just to ease my 
mind, but if no one is comfortable with that, I understand.  I would just 
like to know, if my alternative methods DON'T WORK, what I can expect.
  Well, thanks again.
  Also, I've been reading some of the messages, and I'm VERY happy for you, 
Cori.  It must be so nice to wake up from this nightmare.  God Bless You.
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