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[MOL] Cori

Cori, did you watch 48 hrs. last night?  They did a piece on Alternatives; etc.  There is a Strang Cancer Center in Quebec, Canada, who give 714X injections to build the immune system, some 30,000 Americans have gone to him, his treatment is $300.00 per treatment.  They had two Americans on who swear by it, and stated they were now free of cancer.  However both the Canadian Cancer Institute and the NCI have both said it can not be proven  Was wondering if you have heard about this and your opinion?
I was also curious to know why you go out of the country to get your stem cell implants instead of right here in the States?  I am not questioning your motives; just know you probably have an excellent reason and wished for you to share this with us.
Thirdly  They are now using a therapy of sound for cancer; which I am sure you are aware of.
Good luck, your friend, lillian