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[MOL] Gwen from Nanc ():-)

Hi Gwen,
I call it trial and error, I am self taught, I didn't even know how to turn 
my PC on when I first got it, and I sure got froze up a lot.  I didn't even 
know what the right mouse key was for, for a very long time.  I guess you 
could say, I've come a long way baby...LOL  But have a long way to go, and 
always will have with the PC cause everything is outdated as soon as you buy 
it.  You, Mary Ann, Tami, and Diana must all be pretty close, so when we go 
to my daughters in West Chester, we will have to stop and see you all on our 
way, so you get your surgery done and I think we are planning on coming the 
last week of July or first week of Aug.  So now you have something to look 
forward to, meeting a MOL and getting a Mol hug.
Love ya and good luck,
Nanc ():-)

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<< Thanks Nanc-, some of you are just so good at this computer business!
 love, Gwen K. >>
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