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Re: [MOL] Suzanne

Thanks for sharing your story.  All the positive feedback I am hearing about
the implants makes me strong enough to try it.  I just dread the four hour
surgery...but positive vibes are coming my way.along with prayers, . and I
am concentrating on that... Take care Suzanne.  Love, Gwen K.

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Date: Thursday, June 24, 1999 5:44 PM
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>You have been in my prayers and I know that your will breeze right
>through your up coming surgery. I had a modified radical mastectomy in
>1987 and reconstruction surgery with the tissue expander. I experienced
>very little pain with the mastectomy. The reconstruction took about 6
>months to complete. So far I have been satisfied with it. If I have
>recurrence of cancer in the other breast I will need to have another
>mastectomy (I just completed a lumpectomy, chemo & radiation) at that
>time I would opt for reconstruction again.
>You will do fine, after all, how could it be otherwise with all the love
>and support you are receiving.  God Bless

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