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Thanks for all the support and advice that's been coming in.  Our doctor at 
Sloan Kettering is doing a bronchoscopy on my husband tomorrow.  Her hunch 
after many years of experience is that it's Stage IV LUNG adenocarcinoma. I'm 
not sure why it's Stage IV if it turns out to be confined to the lungs. If 
she can confirm this, she then recommends chemo since there are numerous 
densities in both lungs and possibly a primary tumor.  The pleural cavity 
keeps filling up with fluid and may require a permanently placed chemo tube 
to drain or control it.
This is all very scary.  It's supposedly not operable, nor spread to any 
other part of the body YET according to scans and blood tests.  If it's 
confirmed as lung as opposed to "non-specific" we have to decide on which 
chemo to take and with which team--there may not be too many options.  At the 
same time, complimentary alternative treatments, immune boosters, and 
antistress would certainly be helpful.   If anyone knows any promising 
protocols for this diagnosis, I'd appreciate hearing about it.  Will let you 
all know how the bronch turns outs.  Love, Bess
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