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RE: [MOL] CT update- Cori

Hi there:  Way to go, I am sooooo happy for you.  Love June A.

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> Dearest Mol friends: 
> I have delayed a little in sending out the results from my latest CT scan
> because, to be perfectly honest, so many Molers  were having a difficult
> time that it somehow seemed insensitive for me to be overjoyed.  But the
> other side of that coin is that we all need encouragement and hope and
> enjoy sharing happy news - and mine has exceeded expectations by so far
> that my oncologist wants to write a paper on it.  In a scant 6 weeks my
> tumors decreased considerably...we would have been happy had they just
> stabilized and stayed unchanged since they were growing at a very
> aggressive rate, but instead we were totally thrilled to find they had
> actually decreased quite significantly.  I am ever so thankful to God and
> give Him the credit..but I am also thankful for all these leading edge
> immune therapies which are helping me tremendously.  It's hard not to feel
> guilty when other dear friends are having a difficult time, but I
> earnestly trust that my great results bring joy to others who are
> discouraged, and spurs them on not ever giving up hope. Much love and
> thank you all for all your prayers and positive thoughts.  Love. Cori.
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