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Re: [MOL] Deb and all

Thanks Deb, Joicy,Marty, and MaryAnn for the encouraging messages, the new
sites to explore, and for your positive energy.

 Mary Ann - I am going to Columbus Hospital, should just be in a few days. I
called them at 10:00 this am and told them I will go with the works -
nothing ventured nothing gained, I guess.  I am waiting for confirmation
date and time. Tentative June 29th a 2:15pm.  After surgery, I will post as
soon as I can - or ask my daughter to post for me.

Marty, so true about intuitiveness (sp) and women.  I see  things, honestly,
way before my husband does.  The nice thing is that he is very logical - so
once he sees things - he sees them very clearly and well defined.  I, on the
other hand, like to think with my emotions a lot, too. So, we tend to
balance each other,  most of the time, except for when he likes to make my
decisions.  He likes to take control, and take charge.  There are times when
he just needs to relax.  He is trying to give me deadlines - and it just
makes me more anxious.   But, he is afraid I will put off too long, so now
he should be happy - decision made.
Joicy, I mentioned these tapes to my drs. and it doesn't sound like they are
familiar, but I asked that at least they say some very positive things while
I am down under...  I am going to order the tapes anyway, though. At least
to get them in time for recovery period.

You all have a wonderful day!  Love, Gwen K.

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