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[MOL] A Medscape article that might interest you.

Sent By:	lillian Jennings

I thought you might be interested in this.

Read the article at the following web address:

Double click on this Web address. If your Web browser doesn't launch and
open the article, see the instructions below.


If double clicking on the Web address above launches your browser but you get a form for entering your member name and password then you need to log in (or register) to read the article. Registration is free and there is no cost for reading articles on Medscape. Click the cancel button on the log in window and follow the instructions to register.

If double-clicking doesn't launch your browser do the following:
(1) Highlight and copy the Web address below.
(2) Open your browser and select "Open Location" from the File Menu.
(3) Paste the Web address into the entry field and hit the return key.
If you get an a message saying "Error. The file you requested is not available at this location", then your email program broke up the web address into 2 lines (inserted a line break).  You will need to remove the line break to use the web address.

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