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Re: [MOL] Deb and all

Nanc,Joicy,Martha C., and Cori,
Thanks y'all for all your input - which was very positive and reassuring.  I
did much research last night, and between that and your emails, I feel
better already!  Took a vacation day from work today, to get all my thoughts
in order, and decide what is right for ME.  I plan on taking some deep
breaths, do some soul searching, long bath, and decision making TODAY.
Sometimes, the longer we put things off, the
harder it gets.  You all are wonderful, and I hope that I can be as strong
as you,  and all the other Molar friends that we have. Nanc, if you come
thru OH, let me know.  I don't live too far from Mary Ann. Maybe we can all
get together!  Hugs and Prayers, Gwen K.

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