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[MOL] Gwen/Joicy

Gwen, I'm sorry if I confused you -- I didn't mean that she postponed
the implants, but they usually put in "expanders" first when they do the
mastectomies, then they slowly pump them up with saline to gently
stretch the area. Then they do surgeries later to put in the final
implants. I have implants in both breasts (they had to, to try to get a
match in my case), and I'm glad I did it. I like not having to think
about it when I'm dressing, so I would defintely do it again. 

I really thought about it, because part of me really did not want to be
defined by breasts; I felt I ought to be able to be content without. But
I realized that, for me, NOT doing it would mean giving up and feeling
old. In my case, going with implants was a life-affirming act, a
statement that I had plenty of life and years ahead to enjoy. 

So, I'd go for it! And having a "double," you'll have a much better
chance of having them match (I've got one mastectomy, and one

Hope this is helpful...love, Joicy
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