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Re: [MOL] Deb and all

Hi Gwen,
You are a basket case aren't you?  I wished I were there to help get you 
thgough this.  Look forward to getting your surgery over with and get your 
boobbies, I don't know much about it but I know my daughter said she would 
feel like a woman with out them.  This is your choice, do what you can live 
with best girl...
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
We are here with you through the whole ordeal, ok?  now relax and enjoy 
hubby, you must be making a wreck of him, LOL  My prayers are with you, Good 

In a message dated 6/23/99 10:35:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

<< Thanks Debby for reply.  I can understand your confusion and concern about
 which treatment option is best.  I guess for those of us that are here ten
 years from now, we will think, thank God, we chose the right one!  In other
 words, as we all know, nothing is 100%. So we just have to pray and
 hopefully we make the right choices.
 I have a question:  Does any of you know anyone who have had implants?  If
 so, how do they like them?  I tried U of Penn as Marty suggested (thanks
 Marty), but I didn't get anywhere last night.  I will try again tonite.  I
 need to confirm appt with my Surgeons for next week, but now I am hung up
 about reconstructive  surgery - should I or shouldn't I?  My husband is
 upset, - he doesn't want me to keep putting off - although I would like to
 put it off until hell freezes over; but that is beside the point.  I think
 it would make me feel better to hear some pros and cons.  I will try
 researching again tonite.
 I am a little scared of the whole deal - what else they will find - getting
 thru the long four hour surgery - and the pain!  Sorry if I am weeping all
 over the web.....
 Thanks you all, Love, Gwen K.
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