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Re: [MOL] wedding

Hi Mary Ann,
I am so happy for you.  We might be coming down the last of July or first of 
Aug.  I'll let you know for sure.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)

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<< Dear MOLers, I have been unable to read my messages for several weeks.
 After Chris' graduation on June 1st, the preparations for his wedding on
 June 19th went into full swing.  The wedding and reception were absolutely
 like something out of a fairy tale.  I know that 4 years ago this month
 when I was diagnosed with cancer, my doubts of ever seeing Chris graduate
 from college (I found out a week after his high school graduation)) or
 getting married were great.  I remember hearing the kids talk about a
 friend of theirs who got married soon after the bride's mother had passed
 away due to cancer.  They were saying how sad the wedding was.  I prayed so
 hard that I would not end  up "doing that" to their wedding.  Saturday was
 an answer to all of those prayers.  I don't know where to begin to tell you
 how I feel.  I have been truly blessed.
 I am so sorry to read the messages from the past week and see the passing
 of special MOLers and others who are facing new trials.  I wish that there
 was something that I could do to help each and every one of them ease their
 pain in some small way.  Please know that all of you are in my thoughts and
 Mary Ann >>
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