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Re: [MOL] Hi Everybody

Hi Deb,
So what did you get done?  Don't let the ducks take over the pool.  They are 
really messy, Good Luck.  
Love ya,
Mom (Nanc) ():-)

In a message dated 6/23/99 8:29:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 

 Dear Mom, 
 For the past I don't know how  long I have been sitting here on my you
 know what reading about all the work that you have been doing. Well you
 did it. Finally. I am motivated. Going to get in the shower put some
 clothes on and then watch out. First I will grab a laundry basket and
 pick up all the items that are in places they don't belong, then power
 washing the patio sounds good to me. Next the pool area and if the dog
 doesn't stop peeing on the patio..........
 We made a neat discovery early last night. A duck made her home in our
 shrubs. There are five little ducklings all in a row under this one
 bush. We are fearful that one did not make it. It was a good thing that
 I was not motivated this past Saturday as I was going to trim the
 bushes. I watched them all leave earlier, they are adorable, and then
 come back. We are not sure why here as there is no water near by.
 I need to get in the shower before this period of motivation passes LOL
 Debby >>
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