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Re: [MOL] Laid dad to rest.

Hi Tami,
Such a nice post and thank you so much fpr sharing it with us.  Tell your 
Mother we are hopefully coming to Ohio the end of July to see all of you and 
to go to seen and spend some time with my daughter.  Please tell your mother 
that I am thinking of her and the rest of you.  My prayers are with you all.  
I will write to your Mother in a few days.
Love, hugs & prayers to you and yours,
Nanc ():-) 

In a message dated 6/23/99 5:20:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Hi Molers,
   we laid dad to rest yesterday. dad would have been overwelmed at all the 
flowers that were sent and all the people that came to express their 
sympathy. we had two poems read from mol forum that had been posted before. 
it was a beautiful service. dad would have been proud. 
    dad always used to say that things always went wrong whenever he tried to 
do something. well even in the funeral procession this seemed to be true. i 
was driving the car with my mom and sister in it behind the hearse, and i 
looked up in the rearview mirror and didn't see anyone else behind us. the 
hearse stopped and the funeral director got out and said in all his 40 years 
of doing this that he had never lost a funeral procession before. someone 
coming from the other direction wasn't paying attention and slammed on his 
brakes and broadsided my aunt's car that had my dad's mom in it. my aunt got 
hurt and my uncle got bruised up. who would ever have thought that this would 
have happened??? my dad was probably looking down just shaking his head and 
telling us that if we hadn't went to all this fuss over him that none of this 
would have happened. this sure shakes up a funeral. it was terrible that it 
happened but it broke things up and almost made things easier for me to 
handle. we all said that this could only happen to dad. in all seriousness 
now, it was so hard to lose dad but i know that he is in such a beautiful 
place with no more pain and suffering, how could i ever be so selfish to wish 
him back. i will miss him teribbly but i know he is happy and waiting for the 
day when we will see him again.
 tami >>
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