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[MOL] Cori

When my Sandy lost her lengthy fight to live last April, I must admit I felt 
that little stab inside that says, "If this or that person...why not Sandy?  
Why didn't Sandy get good news too instead of losing?"  But then you know 
what, Cori, I realized that several times Sandy had gotten good news, and 
each time gave her more hope to keep fighting.  And when finally she passed 
away, the thought that someone else out there was winning meant that Sandy's 
fight wasn't in vain!  It gave her two more years to live and it may have 
helped someone else, maybe my own father, maybe in the future even myself or 
my son to LIVE.  Sandy gave LIFE and HOPE by fighting this battle until she 
just couldn't fight anymore.  She was too tired and she was ready to let go.

We all need your good news.  I am currently awaiting results of my father's 
brain scan, no word yet.  Your good news gives me some more hope.
-Chris R.
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