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[MOL] Urgent Query re Stage IV Adenocarcinoma Treatment

I'm a medical writer and my husband is a TV producer, a 62-year old charming 
Japanese TV producer whom I love very much and would like to spend some more 
time with.
 .  Out of left field last week, it was discovered his plueral cavity was 
filled with over a quart of fluid and there were "innumerable metastatic 
densities" in both lungs.  We saw someone  in pulmonary at Sloan Kettering  
and the preliminary diagnosis was Stage IV Adenocarcinoma.  Yesterday they 
did scans of every inch of his body including bone scans and blood work.  As 
of tonight, the abdomen, blood, and bone scan were normal.  Don't know about 
the head, etc. till tomorrow.  This may turn out to be nonspecific.  My 
instinct is this is very grim and he could have very little time left.  
Obviously an oncologist will have to handle this case and we'd like to get 
several opinions.  Most of all I'd like to know if a strong round of 
chemo/radiation in any combination holds the hope of prolonging his life for 
any reasonable length of time or just making him sicker till he finally gives 
out.  Also if any new protocols might be relevant?  I was the health proxy 
for my sister-in-law who died a few years ago at age 45 of uterine leiyomyo 
sarcoma.  She saw three top specialists and was given three radically 
different treatment plans.  She refused all chemo and died 9 months later 
with beauty and dignity.
    Reading some consumer comments on line is quite scary.  I know it's my 
husband's decision but I hate to see him suffer.  Any suggestions, contacts, 
or leads would be greatly appreciated.  Many many thanks.  Bess 
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