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[MOL] Joke

You may be a redneck if:

1.  The neighbors start a petition over your Christmas lights;

2.  You've been too drunk to fish;

3.  Your hairdo has ever been ruined by a ceiling fan;

4.  You have to go outside to get something out of the 'fridge;

5.  "Honey?  Are the lights out?  Is the door locked? Is the parking brake
set? is what you hear before you and your wife/girlfriend make love.

6.  You've ever used a weedeater indoors;

7.  Your front porch collapses and kills more than 3 dogs;

8.  more than one living relative is named after a Southern Civil War

9.  Your dog and your wallet are both on chains;

10.  You have a hefty bag on the passenger side window of your car;

11.   You mow your lawn and find a car;

12.  You've ever made change in the offering plate;

13.  Your mother doesn't remove the Marlboro from her lips before telling
the state trooper to kiss her ass;

14.  Fewer than 1/2 your cars run;

15.  You think that beef jerky and moon pies are two of the major food
groups; and

16.  You've been on TV more than 5 times describing the sound of a tornado.

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