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[MOL] Mam

Mam, my daughter Cathryn and her friend Heidi will be staying with Jill
Robert in Sydney around the 6th of July. Best of luck on all your exams,

Wayne & Marianne Rose wrote:
> G'day guys! I have not yet resubscribed, one bioscience exam done
> (bloody hard it was too!) Three more exams next week. Thought the
> following info. might be helpful to some. Take care of you all, thinking
> of you all the time. much love
> Mam
> Health Information You Can Trust
> A weekly health information update from Mediconsult.com
> for Friday, June 18, 1999
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Login June 19 to 21 for Mediconsult.com's live coverage of this
> year's American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting in San Diego,
> California. We'll have daily news coverage of conference presentations;
> SoundBytes interviews with leading-edge diabetes researchers; and on
> June 24th, at 9 p.m. EDT, our special Diabetes Live Event with guest
> host, Gerald Bernstein, M.D.
> * Scientists Now Know How Diet Affects Cancer Growth
> It is believed that diet has a profound effect on cancer growth, fueling
> one-third of all cancers in the Western world. So it stands to reason
> that
> reduced caloric intake slows the development of cancer cells. Now, read
> how
> researchers can stand behind their dramatic conclusions for cause and
> effect
> http://www.mediconsult.com/mc/mcsite.nsf/conditionnav/bladder~medicalnews
> * FDA Issues Public Health Advisory on Liver Toxicity Associated with
> the Antibiotic Trovan
> If you've received this antibiotic lately or know someone who has,
> you'll
> want to share this information about potential risks. Read the details
> and check with your doctor if you have concerns regarding this drug,
> referred to at http://pharminfo.com/medwatch/mwrpt80.html.
> * What's New in Health Research
> Read the latest news on a variety of health topics at
> http://www.mediconsult.com/mc/mcsite.nsf/conditionnav/homepagenewsbriefs.
> You'll also find research articles on each topic homepage under "NEWS"
> on the left-hand side navigation bar by following this page at
> http://www.mediconsult.com/mc/mcsite.nsf/conditionnav/medicalnews.
> Write mailto:editor@mediconsult.com for the specific medical topic
> that interests you, and we'll do our best to get you the information.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> * Obesity Surgery
> If you or someone you love is considering obesity surgery, don't miss
> our Live Event on Tuesday, June 22, at 9 p.m. EDT. Our guest host,
> Frank G. Moody, M.D., professor of Surgery at the University of Texas
> Health Science Center in Houston, will answer your questions about this
> surgical option. More than seven million Americans suffer the physical
> and psychological consequences of morbid obesity. Obesity surgery, or
> gastroplasty, is not for everyone, but may be recommended when diet
> therapy has failed repeatedly. Find out if this is an option for you at
> http://www.mediconsult.com/mc/mcsite.nsf/conditionnav/liveevent.
> * Upcoming Mediconsult.com Live Events
> ~ June 22 Obesity Surgery - Guest Host: Dr. Frank G. Moody
> ~ June 24 Diabetes - Guest Host: Dr. Gerald Bernstein
> ~ June 29 Children's Eye Injuries - Guest Host: Dr. Darren Albert
> ~ July 6  Active Seniors - Guest Host: Lynn Avery, Gerontologist
> * NEW Current Hot Pro & Con Issue
> "Are Clot Busting Drugs a Major Advance in the Treatment of Stroke?"
> Find out what the experts are saying about this current hot issue at
> http://www.mediconsult.com/mc/mcsite.nsf/conditionnav/strokes~procon
> * Previous Live Event Transcripts
> We've gathered up the archives of the past Live Events for you at
> http://www.mediconsult.com/mc/mcsite.nsf/conditionnav/liveevent.
> * INCIID Daily Chats and Interactive Forums
> For information regarding the diagnosis, treatment and prevention
> of infertility and pregnancy loss, check INCIID's Chat Calendar
> http://www.inciid.org/calendar.html. Register to participate in
> INCIID events at http://bbs.inciid.org/eshare/server?action=4.
> More than 40 interactive bulletin boards moderated by physicians,
> therapists and attorneys are available. You can find the forum
> that meets your family-building medical and support needs at
> http://www.inciid.org/interact.html. Also, there are dozens of
> educational fact sheets at http://www.inciid.org/fact.html.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> * NEW DRUG Infoline
> PharmInfoNet's DRUG Infoline is a monthly collection of independent
> summaries of new drug information for healthcare professionals. It
> includes information about drugs that have recently been recommended
> for approval or have been approved by the FDA. There is also information
> about new investigational drugs that are likely to enter the market
> soon.
> Each drug review includes most of the following sections: Introduction,
> How it Works, Clinical Tips, What the Patient Should Know, and
> References.
> DRUG Infoline articles are based on research information as reported in
> the peer-reviewed literature and information supplied by the
> manufacturer.
> A new issue of DRUG Infoline is published each month at
> http://pharminfo.com/pubs/druginfoline/druginfo_hp.html
> * Do You or Someone You Love Have Type II Diabetes?
> As someone with Type II Diabetes, or as a friend or relative of a
> diabetic, you are the best person to tell us what kind of information
> and support you need. Your time is very much appreciated and your
> opinions will be used to improve information and services on our sites.
> Visit to enter your responses.
> * NEW CyberDiet's Interactive Diabetes Program
> "Treating Diabetes with Good Nutrition" is a tool designed to assist
> and educate the diabetic. This program provides everything you need,
> and takes the guesswork out of keeping track of what you eat. It allows
> the diabetic to keep track of food exchanges, demystifies restaurant
> menus, and provides delicious low-fat recipes and self-assessment
> quizzes. Tune into CyberDiet at http://www.cyberdiet.com/index.html.
> * How Has Online Health Information Helped You or a Loved One?
> Tell us your story! Have you come across some hard-to-find information,
> or gotten in touch with a valuable support group, or presented some
> educational material to your doctor based on information from the
> internet? Send "Your Story" today to mailto:editor@mediconsult.com.
> * Nutrition Bytes - Nutrition news you can use.
> Subscribe to CyberDiet's new weekly email newsletter; please
> complete the form at http://www.cyberdiet.com/subscribe/.
> * PharmInfoBYTES - subscribe to our bi-weekly pharmaceutical
> information newsletter by following the instructions at
> http://pharminfo.com/pharminfobytes.html.
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> Have a concern or a compliment? Write to our Editor in Chief,
> Anne Rose, at mailto:editor@mediconsult.com.
> "How can I find out information on cutting edge treatment for people
> with sinus/allergy/vertigo problems? My sypmtoms have been extreme
> off and on for five to six years. I am not very familiar with searching
> the internet and need help in finding out what I can do, where I might
> go and who I could see that deals with this type of problem. Thanks for
> any help you can give...JW"
>    ---Dear JW, We cover an excellent array of health information on our
> site intended to provide you with general information that you can
> discuss with your healthcare professional. So first go to the medical
> topic you are asking about, for example allergies, and discover all the
> latest informaton we have to offer. You might find it helpful to
> post your concerns in the specific topic Support Group message listing.
> You'll find that the people within the groups are very knowledgeable,
> supportive, and friendly. Another option might be for you to contact one
> of our MediXperts for a fee-based discussion of your health problems,
> and our expert might be able to point you in the right direction at
> http://www.mediconsult.com/mc/mcsite.nsf/conditionnav/medixperts
> Let us know if you need more help and we'll do our best to guide you
> to the right information.--Ed.
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> "Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have."
> ~ Zig Ziglar ~
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> writers, computer specialists, business executives and others who
> are all committed to improving our visitors' health. Our goal is
> to be your partners in health care by providing information that's
> timely, credible, and relevant. For more about our virtual company,
> visit http://www.mediconsultinc.com.
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