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RE: [MOL] Doctor appointment Cori from Nanc ():-)

I can't even remember what Nanc just wrote - Never Mind    do all that stuff

Nanc, you made me smile and feel like a failure at the same time.  I'm
laughing.  Your friend June A.

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> From:	Stuart Scott Harth []
> Sent:	Saturday, June 19, 1999 12:31 AM
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> Subject:	Re: [MOL] Doctor appointment  Cori from Nanc ():-)
> Nanc - you just plain wore me out !! C.
> > Hi Cori,
> > I'm glad you feel good about this one.  I'll be praying for you to get
> your
> > good news on Tuesday.  I took the day off and went a few garage sales
> with
> > Daughter and my 7 year old grand daughter, before I left, I done morning
> > dishes, made all the beds and done one load of laundry and hung them
> out,
> > made 4 loaves of bread and put them in pans to raise, went to the sales
> > dropped the kids off to home, went to the green house and bought two
> more
> > hanging plants, brought them home got Don went out to eat supper, to the
> > store to buy some aspirin for Don, then we went to pick up my grand
> daughter
> > from summer camp brought her home with us, baked the bread and after it
> > cooled Mom and the grand daughter had to have some of it.  Then we made
> > Graduation cards on the PC, she is going to her step sisters and wanted
> to
> > make one, with my help, and we have two to go to tomorrow.  Everyone is
> in
> > bed and I have one more card to make.  Then off to bed for me.  Then up
> in
> > the morning, do my morning chores, as well as my shower and curling my
> hair,
> > of course I'll have time to get dressed....LOL.  Then I am off with my
> > girlfriend to some craft shows.  Come home get Don, pick up my daughters
> and
> > off to Graduation parties, one is an hour away, another Grand Daughter.
> Then
> > after the parties we'll see what I have time to do.  Your comment was
> > cute..h--- on wheels, you got a chuckle out of me.
> > Love ya,
> > Nanc ():-)
> > You know if I stay busy I don't have time to know if I am sick or
> not...LOL
> > If nothing else I do get a lot done, but now I decided it was time to
> mix a
> > little fun too.  I am going to have a fun and a lot of accomplished
> spring
> > cleaning, this summer and fall.
> >
> > In a message dated 6/18/99 11:46:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> > writes:
> >
> > << Dear Nanc - I'll know Tuesday when I see my oncologist. He has always
> > insisted on
> >  delivering news - good or bad - personally.  I feel better about this
> one
> > than I
> >  did about the previous one 2 mos ago...more at peace. I just "feel" the
> > tumor has
> >  quieted down !! Will let you know.  Hope Kathy's card is forwarded -
> will
> > send her
> >  another in case. Glad she's doing well.  Don't overdo it this weekend -
> you
> > tire
> >  me out just listening to all you're h*** on wheels
> > girlfriend.
> >  Love. Cori.
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