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[MOL] "thoughts for today"


Hello Everyone,
I would first of all like to wish all of the fathers out there a blessed
and happy Father's Day. Some of you are not actually fathers, but you
serve in a father capacity; this day is for you, too.

Today I would like to pay tribute to my father. He passed away a year
and a half ago from lung cancer. It is with a heart of gratitude that I
express how blessed I am to have had such a wonderful father. He was a
man of dignity and gentleness, and had strong family values, always
exemplifying and applying his love and wisdom to his family. All of my
life I looked up to my dad. He was truly a great role model to all who
knew him.

Even though words like, generous, kind, devoted, and wise describe him,
they still don't even touch the surface. Growing up I always felt safe
and secure when he was there. He helped me in so many ways. Through the
years as my needs changed, so too did his help. In the year and a half
before he died, during his cancer treatments, I was able to turn those
tables around and give back to him as a caregiver, a small portion of
the love and help he so freely gave me all my life. If God had given me
the choice to pick my own father, I would have picked the same one He
chose for me.

My dad had many things that made his life full and very enjoyable.
However, the one thing that made him the happiest of all was having his
family gather all together. He loved each one of us deeply, right down
to his precious great grandchildren. His presence as the loving head of
our family is greatly missed.

For those of you who have also lost your fathers, let us remember them
in a special way today, for although they have gone before us, they
remain in our hearts always.

God Bless,
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