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G'day guys! I have not yet resubscribed, one bioscience exam done
(bloody hard it was too!) Three more exams next week. Thought the
following info. might be helpful to some. Take care of you all, thinking
of you all the time. much love
Health Information You Can Trust
A weekly health information update from Mediconsult.com
for Friday, June 18, 1999

Login June 19 to 21 for Mediconsult.com's live coverage of this
year's American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting in San Diego,
California. We'll have daily news coverage of conference presentations;
SoundBytes interviews with leading-edge diabetes researchers; and on
June 24th, at 9 p.m. EDT, our special Diabetes Live Event with guest
host, Gerald Bernstein, M.D.

* Scientists Now Know How Diet Affects Cancer Growth
It is believed that diet has a profound effect on cancer growth, fueling
one-third of all cancers in the Western world. So it stands to reason
reduced caloric intake slows the development of cancer cells. Now, read
researchers can stand behind their dramatic conclusions for cause and

* FDA Issues Public Health Advisory on Liver Toxicity Associated with
the Antibiotic Trovan
If you've received this antibiotic lately or know someone who has,
want to share this information about potential risks. Read the details
and check with your doctor if you have concerns regarding this drug,
referred to at http://pharminfo.com/medwatch/mwrpt80.html.

* What's New in Health Research
Read the latest news on a variety of health topics at
You'll also find research articles on each topic homepage under "NEWS"
on the left-hand side navigation bar by following this page at
Write mailto:editor@mediconsult.com for the specific medical topic
that interests you, and we'll do our best to get you the information.


* Obesity Surgery 
If you or someone you love is considering obesity surgery, don't miss
our Live Event on Tuesday, June 22, at 9 p.m. EDT. Our guest host,
Frank G. Moody, M.D., professor of Surgery at the University of Texas
Health Science Center in Houston, will answer your questions about this
surgical option. More than seven million Americans suffer the physical
and psychological consequences of morbid obesity. Obesity surgery, or
gastroplasty, is not for everyone, but may be recommended when diet
therapy has failed repeatedly. Find out if this is an option for you at 

* Upcoming Mediconsult.com Live Events
~ June 22 Obesity Surgery - Guest Host: Dr. Frank G. Moody
~ June 24 Diabetes - Guest Host: Dr. Gerald Bernstein
~ June 29 Children's Eye Injuries - Guest Host: Dr. Darren Albert
~ July 6  Active Seniors - Guest Host: Lynn Avery, Gerontologist

* NEW Current Hot Pro & Con Issue
"Are Clot Busting Drugs a Major Advance in the Treatment of Stroke?"
Find out what the experts are saying about this current hot issue at 

* Previous Live Event Transcripts
We've gathered up the archives of the past Live Events for you at

* INCIID Daily Chats and Interactive Forums
For information regarding the diagnosis, treatment and prevention
of infertility and pregnancy loss, check INCIID's Chat Calendar
http://www.inciid.org/calendar.html. Register to participate in
INCIID events at http://bbs.inciid.org/eshare/server?action=4.
More than 40 interactive bulletin boards moderated by physicians,
therapists and attorneys are available. You can find the forum
that meets your family-building medical and support needs at
http://www.inciid.org/interact.html. Also, there are dozens of
educational fact sheets at http://www.inciid.org/fact.html.


* NEW DRUG Infoline
PharmInfoNet's DRUG Infoline is a monthly collection of independent
summaries of new drug information for healthcare professionals. It
includes information about drugs that have recently been recommended
for approval or have been approved by the FDA. There is also information
about new investigational drugs that are likely to enter the market
Each drug review includes most of the following sections: Introduction,
How it Works, Clinical Tips, What the Patient Should Know, and
DRUG Infoline articles are based on research information as reported in
the peer-reviewed literature and information supplied by the
A new issue of DRUG Infoline is published each month at

* Do You or Someone You Love Have Type II Diabetes? 
As someone with Type II Diabetes, or as a friend or relative of a
diabetic, you are the best person to tell us what kind of information
and support you need. Your time is very much appreciated and your
opinions will be used to improve information and services on our sites.
Visit to enter your responses.

* NEW CyberDiet's Interactive Diabetes Program
"Treating Diabetes with Good Nutrition" is a tool designed to assist
and educate the diabetic. This program provides everything you need,
and takes the guesswork out of keeping track of what you eat. It allows
the diabetic to keep track of food exchanges, demystifies restaurant
menus, and provides delicious low-fat recipes and self-assessment
quizzes. Tune into CyberDiet at http://www.cyberdiet.com/index.html.

* How Has Online Health Information Helped You or a Loved One?
Tell us your story! Have you come across some hard-to-find information,
or gotten in touch with a valuable support group, or presented some
educational material to your doctor based on information from the
internet? Send "Your Story" today to mailto:editor@mediconsult.com.

* Nutrition Bytes - Nutrition news you can use.
Subscribe to CyberDiet's new weekly email newsletter; please
complete the form at http://www.cyberdiet.com/subscribe/.

* PharmInfoBYTES - subscribe to our bi-weekly pharmaceutical
information newsletter by following the instructions at


Have a concern or a compliment? Write to our Editor in Chief,
Anne Rose, at mailto:editor@mediconsult.com.

"How can I find out information on cutting edge treatment for people
with sinus/allergy/vertigo problems? My sypmtoms have been extreme
off and on for five to six years. I am not very familiar with searching
the internet and need help in finding out what I can do, where I might
go and who I could see that deals with this type of problem. Thanks for
any help you can give...JW"
   ---Dear JW, We cover an excellent array of health information on our
site intended to provide you with general information that you can
discuss with your healthcare professional. So first go to the medical
topic you are asking about, for example allergies, and discover all the 
latest informaton we have to offer. You might find it helpful to
post your concerns in the specific topic Support Group message listing.
You'll find that the people within the groups are very knowledgeable,
supportive, and friendly. Another option might be for you to contact one
of our MediXperts for a fee-based discussion of your health problems,
and our expert might be able to point you in the right direction at
Let us know if you need more help and we'll do our best to guide you
to the right information.--Ed.


"Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have."
~ Zig Ziglar ~


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writers, computer specialists, business executives and others who
are all committed to improving our visitors' health. Our goal is
to be your partners in health care by providing information that's
timely, credible, and relevant. For more about our virtual company,
visit http://www.mediconsultinc.com.


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