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Re: [MOL] SCLC w/ mets

Hello, MOLers,

You are a wonderful and caring bunch of people.  God Bless you all.  I 
started reading your posts about 3 weeks ago, when my Mother-In-Law, Mildred, 
had a tumor removed from her head that was a poorly differentiated carcinoma. 
 Since then, a series of scans and tests have been performed to determine the 
primary source as the lung, and a needle biopsy was performed indicating that 
the lung tumor is a Small Cell Lung Cancer.  Four days ago, she was 
hospitalized for 2 days because of seizures in her leg.  A CT scan indicated 
that in the 3 weeks since the removal of the growth on her head, the growth 
had reappeared and penetrated her brain, and there was increased fluid in her 
brain, probably contributing to the seizures.  Radiation to the whole brain 
was started immediately.  Chemo is to follow to treat the SCLC.

Mildred is the dearest, sweetest, kindest person in the world.  She is the 
one in the family who is always there first for everyone else.  Until the 
growth on her head three weeks ago, she had no symptoms whatsoever.  The 
seizures earlier this week lasted only one day.   Even now it is difficult to 
come to terms with her diagnosis, because she feels so well.  She has a very 
positive attitude. 

Everything I have read about extensive SCLC is dismal. Mildred's medical 
oncologist told her that one year is a long life for someone with Stage IV 
SCLC.  Because she is in such great health otherwise, and great spirit, we 
are all still shaking our heads not believing that it could be true.   Does 
anyone know of any recent advances in the treatment of extensive SCLC?  

By the way, I immediately tried to order Anderson's book, "50 Things to Do 
....." from Barnes and Nobles and it's on backorder.  BN is trying to get in 
touch with the publisher.

Thanks again for the information and links.  You've been a great resource!


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