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[MOL] Marty

Dear Marty:

Sorry to hear about the tumor markers.  I don't know of course, but as my
doctor always says about mine, they are only one factor in evaluating a
patient's condition.  One certainly wants to hear they are down, as one
wants to hear that everything is doing well.

But there are times, on this cancering journey, when I listen to my doctor
and it seems like we are talking about the enemy in an old movie about WWII.
You know, how they used to stick pins in a map marking the different armies.
It's like she's telling me, we're licking them over here but they moved a
few more divisions over here.  And then it's hard to relate; because I feel
the same...fine.  Except maybe more nervous for what she has told me.

I try to do, I guess just what you are trying to do..Keep my faith and be
good to myself.

I wouldn't do what you did about the results.  In my case, my doctor tells
me results as soon as she can.  I am still scared, every time, but I have
such a good doctor now, that I almost feel safe in the office.  And whatever
results she tells me, I know I must embrace because it is part of me and I
must embrace me if I am to stay well.  Also, I know, that her suggestions
for treatment will be the best thing for me.

I'm sure, I pray and I hope, that Barb's doctor will have the best new ideas
for her.  But you, I think, have to try, not to be afraid to hear the news
at the same time she does.  To keep such secrets, must put so much pressure
on you.

Love, hugs and prayers for you both,


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