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Re: [MOL] Doctor appointment Cori from Nanc ():-)

Hi Cori,
I'm glad you feel good about this one.  I'll be praying for you to get your 
good news on Tuesday.  I took the day off and went a few garage sales with 
Daughter and my 7 year old grand daughter, before I left, I done morning 
dishes, made all the beds and done one load of laundry and hung them out, 
made 4 loaves of bread and put them in pans to raise, went to the sales 
dropped the kids off to home, went to the green house and bought two more 
hanging plants, brought them home got Don went out to eat supper, to the 
store to buy some aspirin for Don, then we went to pick up my grand daughter 
from summer camp brought her home with us, baked the bread and after it 
cooled Mom and the grand daughter had to have some of it.  Then we made 
Graduation cards on the PC, she is going to her step sisters and wanted to 
make one, with my help, and we have two to go to tomorrow.  Everyone is in 
bed and I have one more card to make.  Then off to bed for me.  Then up in 
the morning, do my morning chores, as well as my shower and curling my hair, 
of course I'll have time to get dressed....LOL.  Then I am off with my 
girlfriend to some craft shows.  Come home get Don, pick up my daughters and 
off to Graduation parties, one is an hour away, another Grand Daughter.  Then 
after the parties we'll see what I have time to do.  Your comment was 
cute..h--- on wheels, you got a chuckle out of me.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
You know if I stay busy I don't have time to know if I am sick or not...LOL  
If nothing else I do get a lot done, but now I decided it was time to mix a 
little fun too.  I am going to have a fun and a lot of accomplished spring 
cleaning, this summer and fall.

In a message dated 6/18/99 11:46:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Dear Nanc - I'll know Tuesday when I see my oncologist. He has always 
insisted on
 delivering news - good or bad - personally.  I feel better about this one 
than I
 did about the previous one 2 mos ago...more at peace. I just "feel" the 
tumor has
 quieted down !! Will let you know.  Hope Kathy's card is forwarded - will 
send her
 another in case. Glad she's doing well.  Don't overdo it this weekend - you 
 me out just listening to all you're h*** on wheels 
 Love. Cori.
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