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Hi Dale,
I am happy that your news was good.  Thand you for missing me.  It's like 
In the summer time I have tons more to do around here, that Don used to share 
doing, and now it is on me.  We have a large yard I have to keep groomed, the 
laundry I hang out in the summer, windows inside and out to keep clean, power 
wasning the house and two decks, and still have the back of the house and one 
deck to do.  Washing walls, painting to be done, I also care for and run my 
Mother to the Doctors and for tests, she lives with us.  I've spent my PC 
time lately on the MOL Album, which does take alot of time.  I also do 
peoples taxes and have businesses that I do printing jobs for along with my 
crafts I work on when orders come in.  Wew!!  On top of all that, Graduation 
partys going on now, that we have to go to.  I let no moss grow under my 
feet...LOL  Now I have to get back to work.  Do keep in touch, and love to 
hear from you and keep on getting better, you hear?
Love, hugs & Prayers to you and yours,
Nanc ():-)

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 Dear Nanc,
 Long time no hear, just got my 30 actually 60 day from my radiologist today,
 passed with flying colors. ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How are you doing? hope
 everyone is well there. See ya soon....
 Your Friend,
 Dale >>
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