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[MOL] Fw: He is an Angel now

  I just received an email from Lee Woods(her husband had lung cancer) she
is from California. Her husband passed away on May 31st. She said that he is
at peace now. Lee didn't post alot, but she thanked everyone for the prayers
and thoughts. I know some of you posted to her a few times and I thought you
might like to know.
-----Original Message-----
From: Lee Woods <fishgrama@redshift.com>
To: Lung-onc <LUNG-ONC@LISTSERV.ACOR.ORG>; Todd Hagerman <sewfun@bright.net>
Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 8:28 PM
Subject: He is an Angel now

>Hi group,,,,, I want to thank you all for your prayers and
>kindness....Fred passed away   on  Mon. May31st...... but at least he is
>at peace now....but he will be missed so much.....Thanks again Lee

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